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Test conditions

The product test is run by TRIADA AB, corporate identity number 556523-2583, Dinglevägen 70, 456 43 VÄJERN.
By participating in the product test, you will be bound by these conditions and you acknowledge that you meet all eligibility requirements.
Submitting the application form does not constitute a guarantee for admission to the product test, but TRIADA AB reserves the right to assess incoming inquiries.
The offer is available to decision-makers, who on behalf of their company / organization evaluate the procurement of headsets or speakerphones for use with their communication platform (desk phones, Softphone / PC or other communication device)
The offer also applies to partners and retailers to get to know each other and gain valuable knowledge about the product being tested during the test period.
TRIADA AB reserves the right to cancel the test or change the terms without prior notice.
The offer is valid until 31 December 2021
By applying for a product test, you agree that TRIADA AB may share information about your application with the supplier and approved resellers, for the sole purpose of allowing the latter (i) to help review your application to verify eligibility, and (ii) contact you after completing the product test to discuss a possible sale of the test product.
TRIADA AB reserves the right to review the application and request further information.
Submission of false, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent information may result in disqualification.
TRIADA AB will collect personal information about the participants in accordance with this privacy statement. The information you provide will only be used for the product test, including what is stated above. Read TRIADA AB's privacy statement at By participating in the product test, each participant hereby consents to TRIADA AB's collection and use of his / her personal information for the product test as described herein and acknowledges that he / she has read and accepted TRIADA AB's privacy statement.
Revocation of the right to use the participant's personal data is possible at any time. However, such a withdrawal will necessarily be followed by the exclusion of the participant from the product test.
All test products are offered "as is" without written, express or implied warranty.
The reporting and payment of any taxes on test products, if necessary, is the participant's own responsibility.
To the extent permitted by law, TRIADA AB is not liable for any personal injury or damage to persons or property that may be caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the participants' participation in the product test.
The product test is governed by and interpreted in accordance with Swedish law. All disputes that may arise during the product test will be decided in a Swedish court.
The product test offered by TRIADA AB is only available on the Swedish market.